Demolition of all types

There's probably nothing we can't demolish.

We provide demolition of family and apartment houses, halls and commercial buildings of all types, bridges and bridge bodies, high-rise buildings, chimneys and any type of special demolitions.

In addition, we also carry out demolition of buildings with environmental impact:

Former military facilities, factories and laboratories polluted by oil or other chemicals, etc. After demolition, we will ensure safe disposal and storage of all types of waste. If you are interested in demolition, our technician will visit you and, with regard to the required demolition, will recommend the proposed procedure. After your approval, we will prepare a non-binding price offer and answer all your questions.

Demolition process

Demolition procedure


First, we clear the objects that are going to be demolished.

We remove windows and doors from glass panels and demolish them from frames. We emphasize safety, which is why when disassembling by hand, glass and other dangerous sharp-edged objects are removed and stored in such a way that no accident occurs.


Next, we remove the roof of the building.

Demolition then continues with the removal of ceilings, internal partitions and stairs.


Then the exterior walls are demolished.

We always demolish from the outside of the building so that no danger can occur.


Finally, we demolish the foundations and, if needed, the surrondings.

We carry out demolition in a way that the surrounding buildings, property and, of course, people are not endangered.

Removal and ecological disposal of waste.

After the demolition, we divide the waste and deliver it to the appropriate landfills. If the customer wants to use construction waste for further recycling, we perform crushing and sorting on site. The advantage is that the original waste becomes a building material with the appropriate certificates. The crumbs produced serve as a full-fledged substitute for aggregates, sand and gravel for backfilling and landscaping.


We carry out demolition in a professional manner with the help of demolition excavators with a shoulder height of 40 meters, hammers, scissors, pliers and other technology. Some special demolitions can also take place by controlled blasting.

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